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The Reykjavík Photo Booth Challenge: Julia

This is Julia. She’s from Austria and told us Iceland follows her everywhere as we can clearly see in this photo she sent us in the hopes it will win her a trip to Iceland. Maybe she should not come to Iceland though because if one person wearing a Lopapeysa scares her so much - she will be petrified when she sees a whole city wearing them…

For information about how you can get closer to real life Icelanders wearing some Lopapeysa’s for free - check us out on Facebook and read more about our photo booth challenge. But don’t wait too long - tomorrow (May 31st) at 23:59 GMT we’ll stop accepting entries so hurry up and send us your photo now. 


Reykjavík Photo Booth Challenge: Tim

Meet Tim from Germany. He’s been in Iceland for a while now through the European Voluntary Service program and he’s been recording his findings at his Tumblr blog: He has some fun photos, you should check them out!

We guess Tim has had so much fun here in Iceland that he’s already planning his return. Unless he’s spent all his money and is trying to win a ticket back to Germany. If you want to participate in our Photo Booth challenge like Tim, all you have to do is follow this link and the instructions that await you:

But hurry up because the competition closes at midnight tomorrow!


This is Hanna. Someone must have forgot to tell her that sleeping on a glacier is not a good idea - even if you are covered in fleece and goritex. We are happy though that she’s wearing a lot of bright colors so it will be easier for the rescue squads to find her.

She sent us this photo in the hopes it will win her a trip back to Iceland but on 8th of June we’ll be giving away a trip to Iceland with a stay at our Reykjavík hostels. You can find information on how to participate on Facebook but hurry up because the competition ends on May 31st at 23:59


The Reykjavík Photo Booth Challenge: Baiba

Meet Baiba. We don’t know much about her except she seems to live in a country that is even colder than Iceland - judging by the hat and hot cup of coffee. If she’s lucky, by sending us this photo she might win a trip to warmer climates (Reykjavík) where she can wear shorts and sandals at our geothermal beach and enjoy the 24 hour sunlight. 

You have three days or until May 31st at 23:59 GMT to send us your silly photo booth photo which might result in you winning a trip to Iceland and a stay at our Reykjavík hostels. You can find more information on Facebook - make sure you like us too to stay updated on what’s going on at our hostels and in and around the city. 


The Reykjavík Photo Booth Challenge

This is Anna. She is Irish but she lives in Barcelona and she’s been dreaming about coming to Iceland ever since she saw Sigur Rós’s Heima. Takk for the photo Anna and hopefully you’re name will come out of the hat in June when we give away a free trip to Iceland and a stay at our Reykjavík hostels. 

For information about how to participate, check out the rules on Facebook but hurry up and send us your photo because the competition closes on May 31st at 23:59 GMT


We got this photo sent from Germany. Anne dreams about getting back to Iceland which is why she participated in our Photo Booth Challenge where the price is exactly that - a trip to Iceland. Here's how you can enter too. 



We are proud to present a session with Boogie Trouble on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012. The show will begin at 20:00.

As always, this is a free show. Arrive early as space is very limited and the lobby is sure to fill up quickly. The Reykjavík Downtown Hostel is located at Vesturgata 17 in 101 Reykjavík.

We will upload videos from this performance after the show.

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